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Robotic Arm Models and Repairing Hubble 14

As you may know, Space Shuttle Atlantis is about to return this weekend from man’s last visit to the Hubble Telescope.  Those astronauts took some major risks to repair our favorite and most famous... read more >>

My Favorite New Feature in R2009a: SimState 9

I am so excited about saving and restoring the simulation state in Simulink. This is my favorite feature of R2009a because it has been long anticipated and it enables important... read more >>

Models Inspired by Real Life 21

Often models are the predecessor to a real-life device; however, sometimes a device inspires the model. In the 1980s, there was a group known as the Leg Lab at CMU who researched running robots.  In... read more >>

MathWorks Conversations and the FFT 10

If you are like me, you read the doc, a lot.  I am often clicking on the help just to verify my understanding of a function’s syntax, or the behavior of a block.  That is why I wasn’t surprised to... read more >>

Where’s the Code? 7

Today’s post is courtesy of my first guest blogger Tom Erkkinen, my colleague from the MathWorks office in Novi, Michigan! Ever try to compile code generated by Real-Time Workshop on... read more >>

Posts 41 - 45 of 45