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The variables you need 5

Today I want to share two lines of code I find very useful. The problem I often need to exchange models with users. One of the thing people struggle the most while doing that is providing the... read more >>

Easily Accessing Block Parameters 2

How often you end up wondering what the value of a block parameter in Simulink is? In the past, I used to open the block dialog, copy the variable name, go the MATLAB prompt, paste the value... read more >>

Getting the Value of Mask Parameters 7

Today I want to share a trick I recently found out. The Problem: Getting the Value of Nested Mask Parameters I want to write a script that will look in a model for blocks of a particular type,... read more >>

Accessing Block Data During a Simulation 12

This week I discovered that event listeners also work with bus signals! You might be saying: "What is an event listener?" In this post, I will describe how to register an event listener for a bus... read more >>

Upgrading Simulink Libraries with Forwarding Tables and Transformation Functions 4

If you create and maintain Simulink libraries used in many models, or by many people, I think you will like this R2012a new feature: Interactive Library Forwarding Tables for Updating Links. Note:... read more >>

Finding where variables are used from the Model Explorer

In a previous post, we illustrated the Simulink.findVars function. To be honest, I am not very good at remembering the syntax of functions. Every time I encounter a situation where I could use... read more >>

How Do I Change a Block Parameter Based on the Output of Another Block? 49

By Guy Rouleau One question I often receive is: How can I change the value of a block parameter while the simulation is running? A good example of this type of question is the following: How do... read more >>

Model Explorer for Data Management and more 1

Update: Original videos have been removed form this blog post. To see similar content, please see this link: Improved Signal Management with Model Explorer By Parasar Kodati Working with models... read more >>

Variables You Depend On 6

/* Publisher style MATLAB code */ pre.codeinput { background: #EEEEEE; padding: 10px; } @media print { pre.codeinput {word-wrap:break-word; width:100%;} } span.keyword {color:... read more >>

Where Does That Variable Come From? 28

Most Simulink models use workspace variable to define the important parameters.  For example, setting the gain value to K and then defining K in the workspace.  I wrote about initializing these... read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 21