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Getting the Value of Mask Parameters 7

Today I want to share a trick I recently found out. The Problem: Getting the Value of Nested Mask Parameters I want to write a script that will look in a model for blocks of a particular type,... read more >>

Accessing Block Data During a Simulation 12

This week I discovered that event listeners also work with bus signals! You might be saying: "What is an event listener?" In this post, I will describe how to register an event listener for a bus... read more >>

Upgrading Simulink Libraries with Forwarding Tables and Transformation Functions 4

If you create and maintain Simulink libraries used in many models, or by many people, I think you will like this R2012a new feature: Interactive Library Forwarding Tables for Updating Links. Note:... read more >>

Finding where variables are used from the Model Explorer

In a previous post, we illustrated the Simulink.findVars function. To be honest, I am not very good at remembering the syntax of functions. Every time I encounter a situation where I could use... read more >>

How Do I Change a Block Parameter Based on the Output of Another Block? 44

By Guy Rouleau One question I often receive is: How can I change the value of a block parameter while the simulation is running? A good example of this type of question is the following: How do... read more >>

Model Explorer for Data Management and more 1

Update: Original videos have been removed form this blog post. To see similar content, please see this link: Improved Signal Management with Model Explorer By Parasar Kodati Working with models... read more >>

Variables You Depend On 6

/* Publisher style MATLAB code */ pre.codeinput { background: #EEEEEE; padding: 10px; } @media print { pre.codeinput {word-wrap:break-word; width:100%;} } span.keyword {color:... read more >>

Where Does That Variable Come From? 28

Most Simulink models use workspace variable to define the important parameters.  For example, setting the gain value to K and then defining K in the workspace.  I wrote about initializing these... read more >>

Initializing Parameters 38

Simulink models often use parameters from the MATLAB base workspace.  However, Simulink does not save the MATLAB base workspace with the model.  This leads me to the following question: How do you... read more >>

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