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I wanted to thank everyone for posting their videos as requested in my prior post [click here]. Here are some of my favorite entries. I will be in touch with the authors to send them some fabulous prizes.

First up is a video from Carlos that is similar to the posts I do showing the use of a file from MATLAB Central. It covers the use of a file that will delete the last child of an axes.

Next is a video that is more like my “cool feature” demos by Jake. It covers the built-in curve fitting GUI in MATLAB:

Finally is Diego, who is giving me a challenge in the Video category on the File Exchange. He has posted about a dozen video, all in Spanish. Even in a language I do not speak, the video is understandable.

Thank you to everyone that contributed. If you make more videos, I am always willing to put the most high quality videos here in their own blog entry.

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