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Jiro’s live seminar, part 1 of 9 Overview of problem and results 10

Posted by Doug Hull,

There is nothing like seeing an expert MATLAB user in action to learn plenty of tip and tricks about using MATLAB. Not everyone can get to one of our free live seminars, so Jiro and I made this recording. We will be presenting the 37 minutes of video in a series of 9 short, daily videos here on the blog. This video introduces the MATLAB work flow and presents a case study that will be solved using MATLAB. The case study is about designing an engine cooling fan. Optimization and design of experiments will be used. Jiro shows the automatically generated report, visualizations and other outputs that we will be working towards in the rest of the seminar. All the videos in the series are located here.
This is a new kind of video for this blog. We would like to know how the viewing experience compares to the Webinars, live seminars and other videos we have presented to you. Please let us know in the comments!

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Rich Hoeg replied on : 1 of 10
Do you plan to have a larger, high quality version of this video available? or did I just miss that link?
Andrew Scott replied on : 2 of 10
Jiro and Doug, I find this type of video useful but think it is better placed in the Matlab webinars. I do think your usual videos detailing interesting features and tips work well in a blog though. Andy
Doug replied on : 3 of 10
Rich, This movie was produced at "You Tube" resolution. The small size makes it ideal for embedding into the blog. Higher resolution would need to open a second window. Do you think that would be OK? I personally like the embedded nature of the video, but could be convinced to make higher resolution one in the future. This video was made in two stages: First melding the live video with the full resolution screen capture. Second was zooming and panning on the screen capture and bringing it down to the smaller size. It would be pretty easy to put the full resolution video up at the end of the series. Would you want streaming, or download? The download of the full video would be 9GB! It could be broken into smaller pieces too. Let me know! Doug
Doug replied on : 4 of 10
Andrew, Thanks for the feedback. The series takes a turn for the more technical starting in part 2. Since you are familiar with our webinars, how do you feel this compares with them? Thanks, Doug
Rich Hoeg replied on : 5 of 10
My view concering video size is that "large is better", particularily when one is viewing computer screens. A flash based streaming option is my top choice from a size / bandwidth tradeoff vantage point. While I'm not an expert, on my own blog I've hosted full sized screencasts ... while starting to use YouTube essentially for advertsiging and a a "lower quality" version which serves to attract people to the better viewing experience. Thanks for your efforts. Rich
Kunert replied on : 6 of 10
Hello, can you please put the video files also for download on this site? I cannot view the video in my browser (probably a firewall issue of my company), but download has worked. Many thanks - the videos are reaal helpful. Gerd
Doug replied on : 7 of 10
Gerd, We are trying to determine the best way to make the files available. When the series is done, it should be available in some form for download. Keep watch for it here. -Doug
Julio replied on : 9 of 10
Doug, This kind of videos are great! I would recommend a higher resolution, but not a super high quality version. Perhaps a 640x480 resolution would be enough to appreciate much more the details, while keeping a good BW balance still.