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Jiro’s live seminar, part 2 of 9: Importing from Excel and the MATLAB desktop

There is nothing like seeing an expert MATLAB user in action to learn plenty of tip and tricks about using MATLAB. Not everyone can get to one of our free live seminars, so Jiro and I made this recording. We will be presenting the 37 minutes of video in a series of 9 short, daily videos here on the blog. This video shows how to bring data in from Excel without programming, we then automate the process of bringing in this file again. The workspace browser, current directory browser and import wizard are used. All the videos in the series are located here.
This is a new kind of video for this blog. We would like to know how the viewing experience compares to the Webinars, live seminars and other videos we have presented to you. Please let us know in the comments!
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