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Other Ways to Pause MATLAB 3

A few weeks ago I talked about the new pause button in Release 2016a on the editor tab of the desktop. Someone asked what do you do if you want to pause your code but the editor was not open when you… read more >>

Developing a Script to Compare the Distribution of Website Page Response Times

In this code-along style video I attempt to develop a script to import and analyze website page response times data, including doing some comparisons of distributions.
Features covered…

Using Variable Highlighting to Help with Organizing Code

One of the many uses of variable highlighting in the MATLAB editor is to help with moving code around. When you select variables, it shows you where they are used in the rest of the code, and… read more >>

Debugging a Tricky Look-up Table Indexing Problem

This morning I needed to debug an issue with a regularly used script. The code was converting numerical columns in a table to strings or categoricals by using a lookup table. I had a few levels of… read more >>

Analyzing a Large Website Graph: Importing Node and Edge Data 2

I’d like to be able to analyze and visualize our website but with more than 300 thousand pages and more than 20 million links, its too much information to easily digest or display. So I thought… read more >>

Use strlength to Detect Zero Length Strings

You can’t use isempty to detect empty strings, as you would for character arrays. Instead you should check for strlength being equal to zero or compare with an empty character vector. See the… read more >>

You Should Turn on the “Enable data tips in edit mode” Editor Preference 7

Each time I install a new release of MATLAB, such as 2016b recently, I turn on the editor preference “Enable data tips in edit mode”. Its not on by default. Here’s why its very… read more >>

Constructing a List of Filenames Using the New String Handling Features in Release 2016b

I have a spreadsheet with a list of filenames in one column whose absolute location is defined relative to a file in another column. I want to be able to construct the absolute path for all of them… read more >>

In Which Year Did I Make the Most Posts to the MATLAB Newsgroup?

Its the 15th anniversary of MATLAB Central and it made me think about my contributions to the MATLAB community.
My first interaction was with the MATLAB Newsgroup. I wanted see when my first post was… read more >>

Modifying a Script to Track a datetime Duration Value 1

Today I’m just making a small modification to an existing script to store a variable with the saveValue function I developed a while ago. The variable is of type duration, part of the recently… read more >>

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