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STELLARIA: The Best MATLAB Shooting Game Ever

Brett's Pick this week is the STELLARIA, by Mingjing Zhang.

Okay, so the subtitle "best MATLAB shooting game ever" is Mingjing's phrase, not mine. But who am I to argue? I'm not much of a gamer, but Mingjing brought a smile to my lips this morning as I launched his app to battle the interstellar interlopers, Galaga-style! (Maybe there's a more appropriate referent, but again...I'm not much of a gamer.)

Stellaria incorporates cool arcade-style graphics and MIDI sounds that transport you back to the early '80s--just a fun way to start the day. (Can someone say "flashback"?)

But wait...did I just say "I launched his app"? Indeed I did! We're all pretty excited about R2012b around here. I'm particularly excited about the Apps Tab. In fact, I wrote about it in my last POTW blog post. Other MathWorks' blogs have profiled it, too, including: "MATLAB Spoken Here", (which also mentions Stellaria, by the way); and "Loren on the Art of MATLAB" (in which my colleague David Garrison expounds in a multi-part series on the new MATLAB interface).

But while you can already download and install lots of great Apps, Stellaris is the first customer-provided App! (That is, Mingjing was the first non-MathWorker to package and share his GUI as an App.) Way to go, Mingjing...we're very excited to see this, and are happy to send you a token of our appreciation for your efforts!

As always, comments to this blog post are welcome. Or leave a comment for Mingjing here.

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