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‘Custom Syntax for Formatted Strings with %s’\{SPRINTF} 2

Posted by Guest Picker,

Greg’s pick this week is Nice sprintf syntax using \ (left divide) by Will Fox.
A simple entry that exemplifies the extensibility of MATLAB.
Create a formatted character array with the following syntax
c = ‘Hello %s, my favorite number is %.5f!’\{“Greg”, pi}

c =
‘Hello Greg, my favorite number is 3.14159!’

where the…

EDF Read

Posted by Sean de Wolski,

Sean‘s pick this week is edfRead by Brett Shoelson.

EDF Read
A MATLAB user asked me yesterday if we have support for the binary file format EDF, short for “European Data Format”. I’d never heard of it. However,… read more >>

ShakespeareInsult 3

Posted by Will Campbell,

Will‘s pick this week is ShakespeareInsult by Jos (10584).
Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Or perhaps something less flattering? What to do if the muses escape you and you can’t come up with that perfectly poetic insult? Well look no further than the ShakespeareInsult function.
Based on the…

R2018b Features

Posted by Sean de Wolski,

Sean‘s pick this week is my biannual review of former picks that are now part of the product. R2018b shipped last week bringing with it a few new things I really like.


Subplot Title (!)
Draw a Line
Convert App…

Physics Course Live Scripts using Symbolic Math Toolbox

Posted by Jiro Doke,

Jiro‘s pick this week is Physics Course Live Scripts using Symbolic Math Toolbox by Kurt Braeuer.My day job is helping our academic users become successful in their work/research/study by using our tools. While it’s quite easy to imagine using MATLAB in a research setting, MATLAB is not as ubiquitous in… read more >>

Path Simplification (and Binary Image Reconstruction!), Made Easy

Posted by Brett Shoelson,


Sample Path
Enter the Douglas-Peucker algorithm:
Mask reconstruction

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to generate and efficiently store paths–and then reconstruct binary images from them. Path simplification is important in many fields, and after some Googling, I found my way to the “Douglas-Peucker” algorithm. (It goes by other names as well,… read more >>

Safer Semaphore 1

Posted by Sean de Wolski,

Sean‘s pick this week is Safer wrapper for Windows-API Semaphore by Igor.

A while back, I wrote a blog post about the Windows POSIX Semaphore function. This had provided me with a way to make sure that certain… read more >>

Robotics Toolbox and the New File Exchange Feature

Posted by Jiro Doke,

Jiro‘s pick this week is Robotics Toolbox for MATLAB by Peter Corke.This week, I’d like to highlight not only a great toolbox that has a long history, but also a new feature of the File Exchange that allows you to upload links, as opposed to files.First, the toolbox. The Robotics… read more >>


Posted by Richard Ruff,

Richard is a Consulting Engineer at MathWorks focused on the Embedded Coder product for code generation, primarily in the aerospace industry.
Richard’s pick this week is Sphero Connectivity Package by Danvir Sethi.


What you get

My pick this week is Sphero…

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