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Racing bar charts

Jiro‘s Pick this week is barChartRace by Eiji Konaka.This an example of a nice outcome that spawned from a community discussion. It all started with this tweet. 縺薙≧縺��≧縺ョ繧呈焔霆ス縺ォ縺、縺上l繧… read more >>


Sean‘s pick this week is digcircs by Graham W Griffiths.
My pick this week is a really cool visualization of the numbers in a sequence. digCircs draws colored parabolic lines between… read more >>

2019 in Review

It’s that time of year again; 2019 is coming to a close as are the two thousand teens.  During the past decade, I started at MathWorks, Brett stepped down from full time posting to quarterly… read more >>

Minimally Bounded Rectangles, and more!

Brett‘s Pick this week is A suite of minimal bounding objects, by John D’Errico. I also give a shout-out to julien diener, for his 2D minimal bounding box function.

During the course of…


Sean‘s pick this week is py_addpath directory matlab_too by Eric Fields.

Using Python with MATLAB
Do you have some Python code from a colleague or a snippet from GitHub that… read more >>

Interpolation Utilities

Will‘s pick this week is Interpolation Utilities by Joe Henning.
As most of you are probably aware, interpolation is the task of estimating the value of a data set in between known data points…. read more >>

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