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Industrial Machinery Anomaly Detection 2

Rachel is the product manager for predictive maintenance at MathWorks. Rachel's pick this week is Industrial Machinery Anomaly Detection using an Autoencoder which she submitted! Today's... read more >>

Face Detection with Deep Learning 1

Brett's Pick this week is MTCNN Face Detection, by Justin Pinkney, a MathWorks colleague from our Consulting Department.We have provided the functionality to detect faces using MathWorks' tools since... read more >>

Satellite Trajectory 3

Will's pick this week is Satellite Trajectory by Huy Nguyen. This submission provides an app that you can install and add to your toolstrip. A panel on the left enables the user to specify the... read more >>

Get the Ship Stuck! 8

In this blog post, I want to get the Ever Given cargo ship stuck in the pond next to MathWorks at scale. This blog post is inspired by Ned Gulley using Ever Given Ever Ywhere. 

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Posts 11 - 20 of 903

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