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Model Advisor: Don’t Forget the Doc!

After posting last week about Model Advisor enhancements for R2008b, I got this e-mail from my friend Salina:

Seth! You didn’t even mention the help for each check!

My apologies go to Salina and the other writers who worked on enhancing the Model Advisor documentation.  Let me make it up to you by showing the world how to get to the new check specific documentation.

Read the Doc

In the past, you had to dig around to find information on specific checks.  In R2008b Simulink, it got a lot easier to get to the right help:

R2008b adds check specific help to Model Advisor

You can now right click on a specific check and select “What’s This?” from the context menu, or click the help button on that specific check.  The help button used to bring you to generic Model Advisor documentation, which most people didn’t find helpful.

The documentation opens in a small window with specific details about the selected check.

The Model Advisor help opens in a separate documentation window

This window will include tips, recommendations on what to do with the results of the check, and some have explanations on what might cause the check to fail. The See Also links go to the main help browser and include more detailed information about the check. The small window is intended to be “just-in-time” help.

Thank you for the reminder Salina.  Leave a thank you for Salina if you read the doc!

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