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5 Resources for Simulation Performance

Following Guy's recent post with Tips for Simulation Performance, I thought I would provide a couple links for additional resources. Here they are:

The Simulink Performance Master Class

Earlier this year some of my colleagues put together a collection of tips and examples of how to speed up Simulink. They organized it into a 3 hour master class and presented it to many audiences around the world. If you would like to have the MathWorks present the 3 hour version at your site, please contact your account manager for more information. (If you don't know who that is, just call the MathWorks!)

Parallel Computing Toolbox and Simulink

Another technique for improving simulation performance is to use parallel computing to break up your problem. I have written about this in previous posts about parallel model-reference build and parallel simulation.

Technical Note 1806

The technical support website contains the Simulink Performance and Memory Management Guide. The guide tries to answer some common questions like:

  • Why do I get 'Out of Memory' Errors in Simulink?
  • How do I Avoid Out of Memory Errors in Simulink?
  • Why is my Simulink Model Running Slowly?
  • How can I manage memory usage to allow code generation with very large models in Real-Time Workshop?

Some of the material is focused on techniques that apply to older releases of MATLAB, but many of the basic concepts about efficient simulation still apply.

The Documentation on Solver Selection

An often overlooked resource for simulation performance tips is the Simulink documentation. I specifically recommend the section on Choosing a Solver. If you don't have the best solver settings for your system it can be inefficient at best, or worse, you may get the wrong answer. Everyone using Simulink can benefit from skimming that section of the documentation.

Adopting Model-Based Design Tech Kit

Parasar Kodati, a regular contributor to this blog, wrote a guest post about Adopting Model-Based Design. In that post he announced the Adopting Model-Based Design interactive kit. This kit is a collection of links and white papers on topics related to Model-Based Design. There is even a section on optimizing simulation performance.

Now It's Your Turn

Do you have any resources you use to get Simulink performance? Share them with a comment here.

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