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Model-Based Design Dilemma 15

I am currently working on a model and I have a dilemma. There are two ways I could model my system. I need you to tell me which approach is best and why. I need your help! The Goal I am... read more >>

Mixed-signal modeling with Simulink 18

If you’re a mixed-signal engineer, we have a Christmas present for you – a new library of mixed-signal blocks and demos available for free. My colleague Mike Woodward explains all. Designing... read more >>

Welcome to the Linear Analysis Tool! 12

Today I am happy to welcome back guest blogger Erman Korkut to talk about the new Linear Analysis Tool. Linear Analysis Tool Have you ever trimmed your model? Have you ever linearized it?... read more >>

Simulink Student Challenge Results

Do you remember that a few months ago Seth posted a video to launch the first Simulink Student Challenge? We are very impressed by all the entries. Thanks to everyone who... read more >>

Initializing buses using a MATLAB Structure 10

Did you notice that since R2010a it is possible to initialize buses with a MATLAB structure? If you were not aware, here is how it works. Starting from a Structure Let's say I have a structure... read more >>

Finding where variables are used from the Model Explorer

In a previous post, we illustrated the Simulink.findVars function. To be honest, I am not very good at remembering the syntax of functions. Every time I encounter a situation where I could use... read more >>

Sample Time Offset 6

I noticed that many users are not aware that it is possible to specify sample time offsets in Simulink. Scalar Sample Time In this simple model, I have specified the sample time of the Constant... read more >>

Auto Solver Settings 4

When looking at the solver configuration of a new model, you probably noticed that many settings are set to Auto. When an Auto option is provided for a setting, it is because we feel that this... read more >>

Promoting Block Parameters to a Mask 1

In R2011b, we are trying to make it easier to interface the parameters of a masked subsystem with the parameters of the blocks under this mask. We call this Promoting Block Parameters. Let's see how... read more >>

Dynamics Mask Icons for Subsystem Variants 14

Today I will illustrate how to combine two features I like: Subsystem Variants and Masking. The Question I created a subsystem with two variants and I have specific masks for each... read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 40