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R2014b… my favorite things!

MATLAB R2014b is now available for download. Here is a quick overview of my favorite new Simulink features.

Fast Restart

If you are dealing with large models, you are definitely aware that every time you click play to simulate a model, a good amount of time can be spent in initialization. In R2014b, if you know you will simulate your model multiple times without making structural changes, you can click the Fast Restart button:

Fast Restart Button

At the end of the simulation, the model will remain in an Initialized state, and the toolbar will indicate this, telling you: "I am ready for fast restart".

Fast Restart Status

At this point you can change the value of any tunable parameter and click play. The simulation will start instantly.

Quick Insert

Those who prefer typing over using the mouse will love the Quick Insert feature in R2014b. Type whatever you need in the canvas and the blocks magically appear! Once the block is there, a pop up offers to set the value of the most common parameter for this block:

Quick Insert

Model Templates

You can now create models from templates:

New From Template

This will launch the Simulink Template Gallery:

Simulink Template Gallery

Of course, you can add your own templates to the gallery using the File menu of any model:

Export Template

Now it's your turn

As you can see, R2014b contains many new features designed especially to speed up your workflow.

What is your favorite feature in R2014b? Let us know by leaving a comment here

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