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Customizing the Code Generated from Simulink

I want to start by giving you a heads up that guest blogger Erin McGarrity will be coming back soon with more posts about Simulink Coder and Embedded Coder. Before going deeper into code generation... read more >>

Referenced Projects

Today I want to talk about Referenced Projects. They can be very useful to componentize a large project, allowing for modular work, component reuse, unit testing, etc.Working in technical support and... read more >>

Defining Model Interfaces Using Bus Element Ports 3

Today I want to talk about Bus Element Ports. More specifically, I will share examples illustrating how Bus Element Ports can simplify the process of specifying the properties of bus signals entering... read more >>

What’s New in Simulink R2023a?

Each new release, I am always excited to share my favorite new Simulink features. As Simulink and our modeling and simulation technologies continue to mature, I am noticing that my release highlights... read more >>

Leveraging Model Comparison to find what you need

Today I want to share an example of how I sometimes use Model Comparison to answer questions about Simulink blocks or models. While this is obviously a key part of the workflow to merge branches in a... read more >>

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