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How do I test for NaN in Simulink R2009b? (NEW!) 2

Back in February 2009 I posted about how to test for NaN in Simulink.  The approach I talked about was more of a logical experiment based on the special properties of NaN than an... read more >>

Refining the Output of a Simulation 9

Today I am pleased to share a post from regular guest blogger, Guy Rouleau.  Enjoy! I often use Simulink to model the dynamics of simple systems. In most cases, the Simulink default... read more >>

How do I test for NaN in my model? 8

This week I want to pose a brainteaser that my colleague Jeff had to solve this week.  Imagine you need to detect the condition where a signal value might become NaN (Not A Number).  How do... read more >>

Representing Numbers: Integers and Fixed-Point

In embedded systems, computation time and memory are critical resources.  Floating-point calculations require special floating-point units for efficient computation and this translates to... read more >>

Posts 11 - 14 of 14