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Welcome to the Coders! 9

Posted by Guy Rouleau,

Welcome to the Coders! By Guy Rouleau Did you already install MATLAB R2011a? If you are used to generating code from Simulink, the first thing you probably thought after launching MATLAB R2011a is: "Where is Real-Time Workshop?" Don't panic, this is normal! All good things have an end; it is now time to say goodbye Real-Time... read more >>

How to Verify Code Generated with Model-Based Design 4

Posted by Seth Popinchalk,

How to Verify Code Generated with Model-Based Design An important benefit of Model-Based Design is doing early verification of your model and using what you learn to verify your final production software. As your design moves to production a critical question is how do you verify the generated code? In this post I want to provide... read more >>

10 Simple Rules for High-Performance Generated Code 3

Posted by Seth Popinchalk,

10 Simple Rules for High-Performance Generated Code I was recently asked, "Do you have some kind of list or simple rules to get high performance generated code using Real-Time Workshop?" I put the question to my colleague (and first guest blogger) Tom Erkkinen, and he came up with the following. Use ERT based targets Use Code Generation Advisor,... read more >>

For Each Subsystem and Code Generation 7

Posted by Seth Popinchalk,

For Each Subsystem and Code Generation Today Guy Rouleau is back to introduce the code generated from the For Each Subsystem. I created an example model implementing the same functionality as in my previous post, but using Stateflow. I like using Stateflow to create behavioral models when I am most interested in expressing the input-output relationship of... read more >>

A Better If-Else Construct 13

Posted by Seth Popinchalk,

A Better If-Else Construct  In a previous post, I answered a question about how to model an If-Else behavior.  Here I will restate the algorithm I want to create: if(sel==0) out = 2*in1; elseif (sel==1) out = 3*in2; The first answer I gave relied upon a Switch block and the Conditional Input Branch Execution optimization to get an efficient If-Else construct in... read more >>

My Mental Model of a Model 2

Posted by Seth Popinchalk,

My Mental Model of a Model When you are new to something, it always helps to get a mental picture of how that something works.  Since I learned Simulink over 10 years ago, I have developed my own mental model of Simulink models.  Today I want to present a mental model for the three basic components in Simulink block diagrams,... read more >>

The If-Else Construct in Models 8

Posted by Seth Popinchalk,

The If-Else Construct in Models Balaji Kalluri asked a question in the comments of a post about the MUX block.  Balaji asked: Hi All I would be highly obliged, if someone can show me a route to model a typical 2-to-1 Multiplexer, the... read more >>

Parallel Computing with Simulink: Model Reference Builds 8

Posted by Seth Popinchalk,

Parallel Computing with Simulink: Model Reference Builds Have you seen the MATLAB Channel on YouTube??  I like the way you can express an idea using video, describe how things work, and then watch it work.  That is why I asked my friend Doug to help me make a video this week. (Thanks Doug! Check out Doug’s MATLAB Video Tutorials.) The topic... read more >>

Where’s the Code? 7

Posted by Seth Popinchalk,

Where’s the Code? Today’s post is courtesy of my first guest blogger Tom Erkkinen, my colleague from the MathWorks office in Novi, Michigan! Ever try to compile code generated by Real-Time Workshop on a computer without MATLAB installed and have it build the first time? If yes, great for you! Now for the rest of us... read more >>

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