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New Stuff – Simulink R2009b

Last week the MathWorks released the R2009b family of
products.  There are many new capabilities in the latest release and with this
blog post, I want to highlight a some of the features in Simulink I’m really
excited about.  While you read this, start installing the latest products from
downloads area
(login and license required).

Reading the release notes is so R2007b!

Did you know that there is a presentation containing highlights
and screen shots from R2009b Simulink?  If you have missed this in the
past, you can go back and check out R2008a, R2008b
and R2009a
highlights.  Try it yourself, and browse through all the cool
new features in R2009b Simulink.

R2009b Simulink Feature Slides

Model Reference Protected Models!

Share your model functionality without sharing your model
intellectual property!  Anyone with R2009b Simulink can use a protected model.
If you have a license to Real-Time Workshop, you can create a protected model.

Model Reference Protected Mode

Model Reference Variants

If you have multiple implementations of your component model,
variant objects enable you to control the implementation used.  This allows you
to globally control and coordinate switching between variant implementations of
your model.

Simulink Model Reference Variants

Tabs in the Mask Editor!

Now you can create tabs in your custom block masks.

Simulink R2009b masks include tabs!

Variably Sized Signals!

Special blocks and Embedded MATLAB now support dynamically
sizing signals during simulation!

Variable sized signals in Simulink R2009b

The SIM command can return a single output!

The SIM command has a new single output syntax so all your results
are part of a single SimulationOutput object. This enables SIM to be called
within a PARFOR loop, thus enabling easy parallel Simulation using the Parallel
Computing Toolbox.

paramNameValStruct.SimulationMode = 'rapid';
paramNameValStruct.AbsTol = '1e-5';
paramNameValStruct.SaveState = 'on';
paramNameValStruct.StateSaveName = 'xoutNew';
paramNameValStruct.SaveOutput = 'on';
paramNameValStruct.OutputSaveName = 'youtNew';
simOut = sim('vdp',paramNameValStruct);

New Library Links Tool for fixing broken links!

After making changes to a model and disabling library links,
the Library Links tool will enable you to reestablish those links to your
library.  Each change in the model can be pushed back into the library, or the
block can be restored from the original library source.

The R2009b Simulink Library Links Tool

Now it’s your turn

Have you downloaded R2009b?  Leave a comment here and
tell me about your favorite new features.

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