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Welcome Simulink R2012b! 15

Posted by Guy Rouleau,

We are happy to announce that MATLAB R2012b is released today!

You will notice that the interfaces for the MATLAB desktop and Simulink editor have been completely redesigned. There are so many new features in Simulink R2012b that I think we will need the next 6 months to cover them all.

For this first post, I made a short video where I tried to use as many new features as possible in a minute:

Simulink R2012b

In this video, you will notice:

  • Reorganized menus to better fit Model-Based Design workflow
  • Panning and zooming using the mouse wheel
  • Tabbed Windows
  • Smart signal routing
  • The Explorer bar
  • Commenting out block
  • Subsystem badges to look under masks
  • Conditional breakpoints on signals
  • Simulation stepper to simulate and rewind your simulation step by step
  • Unification of Simulink and Stateflow Editors
  • MATLAB language for state and transition label

This is just the beginning... you will notice much more as you start using it.

Now it's your turn

Visit the Simulink R2012b New Features page for more details on all those new features and let us know what is your favorite by leaving a comment here.

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Eike Petersen replied on : 1 of 15

Looks like a lot of features people have been waiting for for a long time! :)
I definitely need to get my hands on that asap!
If all the features work as nicely as they look, well done. :)

Reuben replied on : 3 of 15

Looks exciting! Wish I could use it, but it doesn’t seem to be playing nicely with my SimMechanics blocks. Any word on when that might be working better?

Guy Rouleau replied on : 4 of 15

@Reuben: I used SimMechanics with R2012b (both first and second generation) without problems.

I would be curious to get more details on what you mean by “doesn’t seem to be playing nicely”.

The best way to get help with that is probably to contact technical support.

Giampiero replied on : 6 of 15

Wow, this is a really great video, i liked it a lot and learned several new features from it (even if i was using 12b already).


Appala Naidu karanam replied on : 7 of 15

This is what we are eagerly waiting for… fed up with connecting scopes at every point of the circuit and also new tab was also appreciable..
thankyou so much.. I wish all good luck for MATLAB

TAB replied on : 8 of 15

Scope block is weakest feature of simulink. It should be improved to make “timing analysis” of waveform possible with scope. Also zooming and scrolling should be improved.

Reuben replied on : 10 of 15

When I’ve downloaded R2012b, SimMechanics has not come along with the install. I suspect it is because I am using a trial version (until the payment goes through). Does that sound reasonable? Thanks for following up!

KE replied on : 11 of 15

Like the smart signal routing. Is there any way to have smart block layout in R2012b, i.e. rearrange block locations so that spacing is “nice” and legible?

Guy Rouleau replied on : 12 of 15

Hi KE,

There is no new feature for block layout in R2012b.

As in previous releases, to help with block placements you have:

– The Arrange section of the Diagram menu contains a set of functions to align and distribute a set of blocks.

– Smart Guides displayed when you move a block to help you align it with the center or edges of other blocks.

For something more advanced, I have seen users developing their own function to arrange the layout of the blocks in their model using get_param and set_param on the blocks location.

Ron replied on : 13 of 15

I have a large logic simulation on a Laptop, and the autorouting for the signals is REALLY SLOW, can I turn it off?

It makes placing and moving blocks a nightmare!!! everything from switching sheets to coping blocks, to attaching signals has a several second delay, it is unusable, or at least very annoying.

If I can’t turn it off, I will need to go back to a previous version.

LS replied on : 14 of 15

I have not been able to make my peace with Simulink R2012b+. One of the most annoying “features” to me is that clicking a box selects it and I have been unable to find a way to deselect it. Is there a way to do so?! I expect there is but it is too well hidden.

At any point in time I have a random assortment of blocks selected all over my workspace. The most irksome part of that then is that in that configuration, there is a “focus-follows-mouse” feature and, since I use control-Left_mouse_button to connect blocks, I am unable to use that. Very annoying.

Guy Rouleau replied on : 15 of 15

@LS, this is definitely not the normal expected behavior. Please contact technical support so we can help you figuring out what is going wrong.

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