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Welcome Simulink R2012b!

We are happy to announce that MATLAB R2012b is released today!

You will notice that the interfaces for the MATLAB desktop and Simulink editor have been completely redesigned. There are so many new features in Simulink R2012b that I think we will need the next 6 months to cover them all.

For this first post, I made a short video where I tried to use as many new features as possible in a minute:

Simulink R2012b

In this video, you will notice:

  • Reorganized menus to better fit Model-Based Design workflow
  • Panning and zooming using the mouse wheel
  • Tabbed Windows
  • Smart signal routing
  • The Explorer bar
  • Commenting out block
  • Subsystem badges to look under masks
  • Conditional breakpoints on signals
  • Simulation stepper to simulate and rewind your simulation step by step
  • Unification of Simulink and Stateflow Editors
  • MATLAB language for state and transition label

This is just the beginning... you will notice much more as you start using it.

Now it's your turn

Visit the Simulink R2012b New Features page for more details on all those new features and let us know what is your favorite by leaving a comment here.

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