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My Introduction to Embedded Coder 7

This week, I want to share the example which helped me, a long time ago, to get started with Embedded Coder. For readers who never used it, I hope this example will be as useful for you as it has... read more >>

Guidelines For Optimal Model Navigation and Editing 1

I recently had a discussion with a friend about touch typing. Obviously, if you work on a computer all day, it is worth learning this technique to type fast without looking at the keyboard.... read more >>

A MATLAB vs. Simulink battle? I’m in! 7

When I saw the latest post by Matt Tearle on Steve's blog, I had to do something. Since the video at the center of this post is about a rap battle between MATLAB and Simulink, I thought it would... read more >>

The Hyperloop Journey – Year 1

In honor of the first anniversary of Elon Musk's announcement, this week, Matt Brauer takes a look back at the evolution of our discussions on the Hyperloop transportation concept. To keep it... read more >>

How do you hold the value of a signal? 23

Yesterday, I was giving a training to new hires at MathWorks and one of the attendees asked me how to hold a value in Simulink. Of course, my answer was that there are many ways to hold a value... read more >>

What can Simulink Code Inspector do for you? 4

Some time ago I was having a discussion with my colleague Sarah Dagen, from our Consulting Services, and she began explaining Simulink Code Inspector™ to me. I immediately stopped her and said:... read more >>

Stateflow Active State Output

Did you know that with Stateflow, it is possible to monitor which state is currently active, and use that information in the rest of the Simulink model? This feature is named Active State Output. The screenshot below shows how to do this for one of the charts in the example Temporal Logic Using the AT Function.... read more >>

From SolidWorks to SimMechanics 28

This week we see how to export a CAD assembly from SolidWorks to SimMechanics. Once a mechanism is translated into a SimMechanics model, we can interface it with Simulink to perform a wide range of analysis or design tasks not available in most CAD software.... read more >>

What about a Resettable Subsystem? 8

In various applications I work on, I often end up needing to reset the states of multiple blocks at the same time. Some blocks like Integrator and Delay have reset ports which I can use for this purpose. However other blocks like State-Space, Transfer Function or Unit Delay do not.... read more >>

Plant Identification Using the PID Tuner (Part Deux) 3

In a previous post, we highlighted how the system identification capability of the PID Tuner app can help identifying an experimental plant. Today we see another very useful application: Identifying a linear plant from a model that does not linearize.... read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 41