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Teacher’s Pet Students’ Robotics Challenge – Enter today for a chance to win 3-D printer

Today my colleague Madhu Govindarajan is here to talk about the Teacher’s Pet Students’ Robotics Challenge

Robot Challenge

The Challenge

Here is how this works:

  • MathWorks, Adafruit and Element 14 invite students to submit ideas for a robot that can assist in academic settings.
  • The top 20 proposals win a hardware kit and licences for MATLAB, Simulink and a bunch of toolboxes.
  • While building your robot, take pictures and videos, and blog about your progress in the STEM Academy area of the element 14 website.
  • The best blog wins a CEL Robox 3d printer!

The kits

If your proposal is chosen, you will have the choice between two kits.

The Arduino kit, with a wheeled platform:

Arduino kit

The Raspberry Pi kit, including a Pi Camera.

Raspberry kit

Now it's your turn

What kind of robot are you dreaming of? Something to carry your books? To take care of your cat while you are studying? A robot that watches you to ensure you do not fall asleep while studying? To cook for you while you are studying? The options are endless!

Get to the drawing board, and let us know if you have questions.

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