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It’s Time for Real-Time! 4

Today, I am happy to welcome guest blogger Sarah Dagen, from MathWorks Consulting Services to talk about real-time simulation and testing.
Why Real-Time?
Working in MathWorks consulting services, one...

Another Good Reason to Log Simulation Data in Dataset Format 1

Today I am happy to welcome guest blogger Mariano Lizarraga Fernandez. A few days ago, Mariano came to me looking for help understanding a Simulink behavior that a user was not able to explain. Once... read more >>

Three-Way Model Merge and Git 3

In R2016a, a new Three-Way Model Merge functionality got introduced. You can find a clear description of this feature in the following documentation pages:

Resolve Conflicts with Simulink Three-Way...

Offload work from your computer by running simulations on a remote cluster

Recently, I noticed that when I right-click on a MATLAB script in the Current Folder Browser, there is an option to run the script as a batch job.

As you can guess, the first thing that when through... read more >>

Simulation Data Inspector inside parfor

Last week I presented a few tips to run simulations in parallel, and received an interesting comment asking how to use the Simulation Data Inspector in that context.
So let's take a...

Tips for simulating models in parallel 7

Update: In MATLAB R2017a the function PARSIM got introduced. For a better experience simulating models in parallel, we recommend using PARSIM instead of SIM inside parfor. See the more recent blog... read more >>

System Object Editor Enhancements 2

Today I am happy to welcome guest blogger Jacob Halbrooks to describe enhancements to the MATLAB Editor to help editing System Objects. In R2016a, MATLAB Editor includes new tools to help you... read more >>

Tips and tricks when using the sim command 5

Today, I want to share a few tips and tricks about when and how to use the sim command. The sim command vs. The Play Button As you all know, there are two ways to simulate a model: using the... read more >>

Simulating The 2016 Baseball Season 6

A few weeks ago, Matt, Corey and I had a conversation about the rise of sabermetrics and sports analytics. With the baseball season opening on April 3rd we decided to apply the power of MATLAB and... read more >>

CoolProp to the Rescue 6

This week, I am happy to welcome guest blogger Tom Egel from MathWorks Consulting Services. CoolProp to the Rescue Do you use the Simscape Thermal Liquid domain? If so, then you should know... read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 26