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Simulation Data Inspector in R2018a 1

Posted by Guy Rouleau,

Over the past few releases, many enhancements have been added to the Simulation Data Inspector. Let's look at a few of those I particularly like.

Browse Mode

By default, in the Simulation Data Inspector you select which signals are displayed by checking and unchecking a checkbox for each signal, or by dragging them on the axis onto which you want to plot them. Here is what it looks like for a simple example model.

Select Mode

While this can be useful for some workflows, when I debug models, what I usually need is to scan a large number of signals as fast as possible. For that, we introduced Browse Mode. Here is how to enable Browse Mode:

Choose Browse Mode

Now I can use the arrow keys to browse the signals, along with Ctrl and Shift keys for multi-selection like in most applications. Here is me browsing logged signals for the same model:

Browse Mode

See this documentation page for more information on Browse Mode

Simscape Enhancements

In R2018a, we added the possibility to directly record Simscape data in the Simulation Data Inspector. This can be enabled from the Simscape section of the model configuration:

Choose Browse Mode

Another capability that has been added to the Simulation Data Inspector is the possibility to visualize logged data in different units. If I enable the Units column in the signal list, I can see a list of commensurate units from which I can choose from.

Here is one more animation to demonstrate this feature. I have Simscape data logged in the Simulation Data Inspector, I chose to hide the column showing the line color, I enabled the Units column, and I grouped the signal using the Physical System Hierarchy, in Browse Mode:

Simscape data in SDI

Now it's your turn

Please share any features you use to improve your workflow in the Simulation Data Inspector in the comments below.

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Evgenii replied on : 1 of 1
I also use the Simulation Data Inspector to debug complex models so 1. It's very difficult to compare boolean signals because it have equal. I need to scale boolean signals with different coefficients (1.05; 1.10 ...) but I must recompile my models. It would be cool to have the native (without programming in script) feature which can change scale coefficient of signal. For example: I have original logging signals: y1, y2 ..yn. When I see it the Simulation Data Inspector I can change scale coefficient of every logging signal so I can see y1_mod=c1*y1, y2=c2*y2, ... yn=cn*yn. 2. It's hard changing color of some constant (it means some signals has every runs of my models) logging signals. For example the three-phase signals may have color like yellow (or blue) (phase A) green (phase B) red (phase C). 3. It's hard understand how do signals align which has almost same names. For example: The logging signal which has names Usync_LC_A, Usync_LC_B, Usync_LC_C align in the scatter.