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Welcome R2014a! 3

Posted by Guy Rouleau,

Welcome R2014a! MathWorks just released MATLAB R2014a! (Licensed users can download R2014a here.) Here is a quick look at the new Simulink features I find the most interesting: Diagnostic Viewer In R2014a, the Diagnostic Viewer has been completely re-engineered. This new interface can store the diagnostics from multiple past simulations, and offers filtering capabilities.... read more >>

Motion Actuation in SimMechanics R2013b 7

Posted by Guy Rouleau,

Motion Actuation in SimMechanics R2013b In R2013b, it is possible to specify joint motion in SimMechanics Second Generation models. In this post, I will use a simple pendulum with internal friction and subject to gravity to highlight different ways to actuate a mechanism. If you look at the dialog of a joint like the Revolute Joint,... read more >>

Methods of the MATLAB System Block

Posted by Guy Rouleau,

Methods of the MATLAB System Block In the last post on MATLAB System block, I tried to provide a basic introduction to System Objects in MATLAB and Simulink environments. At the end, I finished with a quick example illustrating that System objects offer several methods to set up the properties of states and output signals of... read more >>

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