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Kalman Filter – From MATLAB to Embedded C Code

Blogger, Guy RouleauBy Guy Rouleau

In a previous post, I introduced the Embedded MATLAB Function block. This block gives the possibility to write an algorithm in MATLAB code, include it in a Simulink model, and generate embedded C code using Real-Time Workshop.

When seeing this, some users, especially from the signal processing and communication domain asked: Do I really need Simulink to generate embedded C code from a MATLAB function?

To answer this question, I would like to highlight a webinar and a submission on the MATLAB Central File Exchange from my colleague Houman Zarrinkoub:

Webinar: MATLAB to C Code Generation with Embedded MATLAB

File Exchange Submission: Kalman filtering demo in MATLAB with automatic MATLAB-to-C code generation

Using Embedded MATLAB, you can generate C-code and test your algorithm on the real hardware with only a few clicks. It significantly reduces the turnaround time of design iterations.

Design process using Embedded MATLAB

For the Kalman filter in Houman's submission, the equations are implemented in MATLAB as you would see them in a book:

Kalman filter equations

Then using emlc, the algorithm is converted to C code. For example, the last line of the above code is turned into:

Kalman filter implemented in C

So now I recommend that you get yourself a drink, sit down and watch Houman's webinar!

Now it's your turn

Are you already using Embedded MATLAB to convert your MATLAB code into C-code? Leave a comment here

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