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Fine-Tuning Model Advisor Analysis 2

Posted by Guy Rouleau,

Today I welcome my friend Nishaat Vasi to introduce a new feature of Simulink Verification and Validation: Model Advisor Exclusions.

Nishaat: Hey Guy, did you notice the new Model Advisor Exclusions feature in R2012a?

Guy: There are so many new features every release... I think I missed that one. What is it?

Nishaat: When you create models, I bet you sometimes use the Model Advisor.

Guy: Of Course! Model Advisor checks are very useful to ensure design consistency in large modeling environments.

Nishaat: Using exclusions, you will now be able to fine-tune the Model Advisor analysis. This should save you time if there are blocks or subsystems in your model that do not need to be checked.

Guy: Cool, how does that work?

Nishaat: First, identify and right-click on the model elements you want to exclude from Model Advisor analysis and select from which checks you want it excluded.

Excluding a block from Model Advisor Analysis

Nishaat: This will launch the Model Advisor Exclusion Editor

Model Advisor Exclusion Editor

Nishaat: Run the Model Advisor analysis and you will see in the report when an exclusion rule is used in a check.

Model Advisor report

Guy: Pretty cool, I'll definitely start using Model Advisor Exclusions soon!

Now it's your turn

Will exclusions be useful in your workflow? Leave us a comment here.

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Teresa Hubscher-Younger replied on : 1 of 2

Nice job Model Advisor team! Love the new Model Advisor features that have come out in the last couple of releases!

Josef Rieger replied on : 2 of 2


I would like to ask whether Model Advisor exclusions mechanism will support in future also Stateflow objects like states/transitions (and maybe also junctions). I can imagine implementation for states, but for transitions it seems unclear.
I am just asking about Matlab roadmap etc.

Best regards,

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