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Why do we need Stiff ODE Solvers? 2

I hope you have noticed the new MATLAB Central blog: Cleve's Corner. Cleve once said "stiffness is an efficiency issue." Let's explore this from a Simulink point of view by revisiting an article by... read more >>

Creating Your Own Block With Continuous States (MATLAB S-Function) 5

In a previous post, I showed an example of a MATLAB S-Function with a discrete state This week, we continue in the same direction and implement an S-Function with a continuous state. Continuous... read more >>

Simulink Student Challenge – Targeting Hardware: Win up to $500! 1

One of my favorite feature in R2012a is the Simulink Support for Target Hardware. Personally, I use it for many purposes. I use the Arduino target to control my homemade sous-vide cooking system... read more >>

Writing your own block with discrete states (MATLAB S-Function) 5

A few weeks ago, I noticed the following question on MATLAB Answers by K E: What are continuous and discrete states in Simulink? In my opinion, the best way to understand how states work in... read more >>

THE Most Useful Command for Debugging Variable Step Solver Performance 2

Today I want to share a trick I often use to determine if a variable step simulation runs as fast as it should. Visualizing the steps taken by a model To begin, save the simulation time data.... read more >>

How to make your own blocks with code! (Introduction to S-Functions) 10

I have to admit... before joining MathWorks, I was afraid of S-Functions. Now this makes me laugh, because I know that writing an S-Function is very powerful and not that complicated. In my... read more >>

How to Load and Save Bus Signal Data 7

In R2012a, the From Workspace, To Workspace, From File and To File blocks all support bus signals. This is an often requested capability, and I have been looking forward to it for a long... read more >>

Signal Hierarchy Viewer 3

If you are like me and often need to understand and edit new Simulink models, you probably already looked at a bus signal and wished you could easily know the hierarchy of signals inside it. What did... read more >>

Automatic Refresh of Links and Model Blocks 2

The first time I tried editing models componentized with library blocks and referenced models in R2012a, I noticed something was different... ... and I really like that change! What's new In... read more >>

A scope for Simulink and MATLAB

Do you know about the Time Scope available with the DSP System Toolbox? This visualization tool was introduced in release R2010a and has been improved upon every release thereafter. The novelty... read more >>

Posts 21 - 30 of 43