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What’s New in R2015b – Part 3

In R2015b, lots of enhancements related to buses have been implemented. Let's give a look.

Port Value Labels for buses

When debugging models, I sometimes like to use the Port Values Display. I am happy to see that it now works also with buses, including the possibility to display a subset of the bus elements.

Port Value Display for buses

Array of Buses Parameters

Up to now, if you wanted to specify an array of buses as parameter to a Simulink block (For example as initial value of a Unit Delay block, or in a Constant Block), you could only specify a structure that would be duplicated for the elements of the array.

In R2015b, you can now specify a full array of structures. Simply create the array, the corresponding bus object, specifying those in your block, and you are good to go:

Array of Buses Parameters

This feature becomes especially useful if you want to iterate on structure parameters inside a For Each Subsystem. Pass your array of structure as a mask parameter to the For Each Subsystem. Inside, use it as if it was just a structure, and enable the parameter partitioning.

Array of Buses Parameters in For Iterator

Bus Assignment Block can Assign Sub-Buses

Up to now, the Bus Assignment block could only reassign individual elements one by one. In this release, it is now possible to reassign entire sub-buses. For large complex buses, this can make your model easier to read and maintain.

Bus Assignment Block can Assign Sub-Buses

Bus Support in MATLAB System block

Finally, bus support has been added to the MATLAB System block. It is pretty simple to use. Create a parameter to specify the bus object, specify it as output data type.

Bus Support in MATLAB System block

Now it's your turn

Let us know what you think of those bus enhancements by leaving a comment here.

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