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Problems with your S-Functions… Try this Diagnostic! 1

Ahhh... C Mex S-function... If you ever tried creating a C Mex S-function and were a little rusty on your C programming, you might have experienced strange behavior or event MATLAB crashes. This... read more >>

Quickly Switching Model Configuration Sets 6

During the life of a model, you will very likely need to change many configuration parameters to complete different tasks. For example, when debugging you want to enable many run time diagnostics to... read more >>

Defining custom shortcuts in Simulink 3

On this blog, I sometimes highlight features that it took me a while to appreciate and include in my daily workflow. I hate to admit it, but quite often those are features that I was aware of for... read more >>

Comparing Runs using Simulation Data Inspector 13

Do you use the Simulation Data Inspector? Here is an example where it saved me a lot of debugging time. Simulation Accuracy I recently had to validate system behavior and analyze numerical... read more >>

Zero-Crossing Detection… what are your options? 8

When using Simulink variable-step solvers, zero-crossing detection is very useful to capture events accurately. However for some equations, configuring zero-crossing detection can be... read more >>

To Latch or not to Latch?

Yesterday I explained to a colleague the effect of the Inport block option Latch input for feedback signals of function-call subsystem outputs . I thought it would be interesting to share... read more >>

Data Dependency Violation Errors and Subsystem Semantics 3

Did you ever receive a "data dependency violation" error message from a Simulink model? I will try to explain why this happens and what you need to do to avoid this error by introducing my... read more >>

Debugging C/C++ S-Functions 12

If you are going to work with C or C++ S-Functions, you will probably need to do some debugging. My advice is: Don't go with the printf debugging approach. I did that for too long and now I... read more >>

An Ounce of Design Min/Max is Worth…

Often, it is worth putting a bit of extra effort at the beginning of a project to save time later. Today I want to introduce a feature that gets more useful with every release of Simulink, but... read more >>

New options for debugging in R2012b 1

Today I want to highlight R2012b features very useful when debugging a model. Using the simulation stepping and conditional breakpoints, you should be able to run your simulation up to a certain... read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 32