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Hybrid Electric Vehicle Control and Simulation 4

HEV Control Strategies to Maximize Vehicle Efficiency via Model-Based Design Larry Michaels from Argonne National Laboratory presented to about 140 live Energy Virtual Conference goers on his... read more >>

Live from the Energy Virtual Conference

It feels like a normal Thursday morning. I'm sitting in my office, sipping on my coffee and working on my computer. BUT there is something different... I am also sitting in a conference hall with... read more >>

MathWorks Energy Virtual Conference 3

Earlier this week Loren posted an invitation to the MathWorks Energy Virtual Conference. The online event will showcase how engineers, scientists and analysts are addressing the world's energy... read more >>

MathWorks Hosts EcoCAR 1

Recently, when I arrived at work, I found this parked on the lawn: This is the EcoCAR from the EcoCAR Challenge. MathWorks hosted about one hundred students from the EcoCAR teams for the... read more >>

What does Model-Based Design mean to you? 18

I stumbled upon a blog post over at The Green Garage where they interviewed a couple of my colleagues, Paul Smith and Shaun Kalinowski.  They talked to them in front of the MathWorks booth at the SAE... read more >>

The Answer for Large Scale Modeling: Model Reference 21

Your model is someone else’s component.  The Model block
allows you to treat a Simulink model as a component within a larger system.  In this
post I will discuss the basic concepts of model
reference...

Posts 61 - 66 of 66