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How to Verify Code Generated with Model-Based Design 4

An important benefit of Model-Based Design is doing early verification of your model and using what you learn to verify your final production software. As your design moves to production a critical... read more >>

Creating Test Cases Using Signal Builder 20

By Parasar Kodati Every model needs to be tested, and all tests need inputs. For example control algorithms are typically tested with step or ramp inputs. An automotive suspension model test inputs... read more >>

Kalman Filter – From MATLAB to Embedded C Code 9

By Guy Rouleau In a previous post, I introduced the Embedded MATLAB Function block. This block gives the possibility to write an algorithm in MATLAB code, include it in a Simulink model, and... read more >>

Bus Signals: Past, Present and Future 4

By Guy Rouleau The first time I used buses in Simulink, it was version 3.0 (R11). Bus signals and the way we use them in Simulink have evolved over time. In this post I want to give you a... read more >>

Model Explorer for Data Management and more 1

Update: Original videos have been removed form this blog post. To see similar content, please see this link: Improved Signal Management with Model Explorer By Parasar Kodati Working with models... read more >>

Current Events: EcoCAR Fall Workshop 2

Today I saw a Chevy Volt in the MathWorks parking garage. MathWorks is hosting the EcoCAR Fall Workshop. An internal announcement states: More than 100 students representing 16 EcoCAR... read more >>

How to Learn Model-Based Design using Simulink 4

When my colleague Guy saw my previous post about the MathWorks Academic Virtual Conference, he told me how he learned Model-Based Design and Simulink at l'Université de Sherbrooke. Here is what he... read more >>

News from Embedded World 2010 6

In case you haven't been to a MathWorks conference or trade show recently, here is a look at what you might find at the MathWorks booth. In the following video, featured on, my... read more >>

Variables You Depend On 6

/* Publisher style MATLAB code */ pre.codeinput { background: #EEEEEE; padding: 10px; } @media print { pre.codeinput {word-wrap:break-word; width:100%;} } span.keyword {color:... read more >>

Orion GN&C: MATLAB and Simulink Standards 6

Bottom-line on top: On April 13, 2010 Joel Henry from Draper Laboratory, NASA/Johnson Space Center, will present A Model-Based Design and Testing Approach for Orion GN&C Flight Software Development... read more >>

Posts 51 - 60 of 66