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Asynchronous Function-Call Inputs to Models 2

Posted by Guy Rouleau,

In Simulink R2011a, it is possible to pass asynchronous function-call signals through Inports of a model. This enables the asynchronous function call to cross the bounary of Model block. Such function-call signals are typically used in Simulink models to capture interrupt-driven processing that is asynchronous with the time-driven processing in... read more >>

New Stuff – Simulink R2009b 8

Posted by Seth Popinchalk,

Last week the MathWorks released the R2009b family of products.  There are many new capabilities in the latest release and with this blog post, I want to highlight a some of the features in Simulink I’m really excited about.  While you read this, start installing the latest products from the downloads area (login and... read more >>

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