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You need an integrator with variable limits… there’s a solution for that!

Blogger, Guy RouleauBy Guy Rouleau

Today I received a question where the user was looking for an Integrator block with variable upper and lower limits that could be specified from signals. I was happy to simply answer: There's a solution for that!

In order to help users finding the information they need, we have a bank of technical solutions published on our website. These solutions are created by technical support engineers when they answer a question. If they think that someone else in the world might have a similar questions, they publish it.

So I went to the support section of our website and searched for variable limits integrator:

Support section of MathWorks website

The first result I found is the following solution:

How can I create an Integrator block with variable limits in Simulink?

When looking at the details, I realized that I created this solution myself a few years ago, not long after I joined MathWorks. It uses the state port of the Integrator block with a few Logical Operator and Relational Operator blocks to make an integrator with variable limits:

Technical solution: Variable limits integrator


If you are looking for an explanation or an example that you cannot find in the doc, try our technical solutions. You might find very interesting stuff and save a lot of time.

Now it's your turn

When you cannot find the info you are looking for in the doc, where do you look? Post a comment here.

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