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Legends for Simulink Scopes

Today my colleague Roshin Kadanna Pally is back to talk about additions he made to the Simulink Scope in R2012a.

Legends for Simulink Scopes

When opening the Scope parameters dialog in R2012a, you will notice a new option:

Simulink Scope parameters

When simulating the model, the legend will appear and you will be able to choose its position:

Setting the position of the Scope legend

The selected position will be saved with model.

The information displayed in the legend can come from multiple sources in the model:

  • Signal name
  • Block name if signal is not named
  • Name of elements for composite signals
  • Port number if source block has multiple ports
  • Signal index for vectors

I tried to illustrate all those in the following example:

Scope Naming Convention

Now it's your turn

Are you happy the legends are now available in the Simulink Scope? Leave a comment here.

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