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Export Function Models 5

I started writing this post with the goal of talking about the new Initialize Function, Reset Function and Terminate Function blocks, along with the closely related State Reader and State Writer... read more >>

Creating iPhone and iPad Apps with Simulink 3

The other day, a user told me: That would be cool if we could program apps for smartphones using Simulink. Guess what my answer was: Of course you can! Simulink Support Packages for Apple iOS... read more >>

New in R2016b: The Finder 4

The first time you will try searching for blocks or parameters in MATLAB R2016b, you will notice that the interface of the Find Tool has been completly re-designed.
Try hitting Ctrl+F in a model,...

Simulink Student Challenge 2016

Today we are having a quick post to highlight the 2016 edition of the Simulink Student Challenge

You are a student and you are working on a project involving Simulink? Create a video describing your... read more >>

What’s new in R2016b! 4

MATLAB R2016b is available for download since yesterday, so today I decided to highlight the most visible enhancements in the Simulink area.
Property Inspector
From the View menu or using the...

Including a mask image in your block 6

Earlier today, a colleague came to me asking for a way to include an image in a block to be used as mask image. I though it might be interesting to share my response here.
The Problem
Here is the...

Olympic 2016 – Pole Vault 2

For this second post in our Olympics series, I am happy to welcome guest blogger Amit Raj to describe how he simulated the pole vault competition.
Track and field events are one of the... read more >>

Olympics 2016 – Shot Put 3

For the Rio Olympics this year I decided to sign up a few of our new hires and interns to pick an Olympic sport and show what we can do in Simulink to simulate and analyze that sport.
Today, we are...

In Libraries, Code or Model Reusability? That is the Question. 3

This week, Mariano Lizarraga Fernandez is back as guest blogger with a new interesting topic: Model Reusability versus Code Reusability.
Every now and then those of us who work in... read more >>

Tips for dealing with Libraries 3

Today I will share a simple trick that might save you some time if you are dealing with large Simulink models componentized using libraries.
Long Time to Save
Earlier this week, I received a large...

Posts 1 - 10 of 26