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Watering my Plants with Simscape Fluids 3

Here is a picture of my backyard:

As you can see, I like to grow a few plants. And those plants need water.
During the last long weekend of July 4th, I decided to install a watering system for those... read more >>

Put some Color in your LEDs: Controlling Your Raspberry Pi from your iPhone with Simulink

This week Mariano Lizarraga Fernandez is back to describe some cool stuff he came up with, using the iPhone and iPad Support from Simulink in combination with the Raspberry Pi Support from... read more >>

Creating iPhone and iPad Apps with Simulink 3

The other day, a user told me: That would be cool if we could program apps for smartphones using Simulink. Guess what my answer was: Of course you can! Simulink Support Packages for Apple iOS... read more >>

Olympic 2016 – Pole Vault 2

For this second post in our Olympics series, I am happy to welcome guest blogger Amit Raj to describe how he simulated the pole vault competition.
Track and field events are one of the... read more >>

Olympics 2016 – Shot Put 3

For the Rio Olympics this year I decided to sign up a few of our new hires and interns to pick an Olympic sport and show what we can do in Simulink to simulate and analyze that sport.
Today, we are...

It’s Time for Real-Time! 4

Today, I am happy to welcome guest blogger Sarah Dagen, from MathWorks Consulting Services to talk about real-time simulation and testing.
Why Real-Time?
Working in MathWorks consulting services, one...

Simulating The 2016 Baseball Season 6

A few weeks ago, Matt, Corey and I had a conversation about the rise of sabermetrics and sports analytics. With the baseball season opening on April 3rd we decided to apply the power of MATLAB and... read more >>

The Martian – Part 3 – Optimizing the Trajectory

After finding the launch date of the mission and putting together a simulation of the spacecraft trajectory, it's time to see how we can optimize this trajectory. Let's bring him... read more >>

The Martian – Part 2 – Simulating the Spacecraft Trajectory 3

In last week's post, I demonstrated how we can use MATLAB to find the launch date of the Ares 3 crew from the book The Martian, by Andy Weir. This week, I will describe in more detail how we can... read more >>

The Martian: Can you save Mark Watney? (Part 1) 4

About a year ago, I read the book The Martian, by Andy Weir. I really enjoyed the story, with all the technical details of how Mark Watney solves one problem after another to survive alone on... read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 57