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Comparing Runs in SDI

Today I upgraded a large model to the latest release of MATLAB. I found a trick to compare the results before and after the update that I thought I should share. Different Results To validate... read more >>

Adopting Model-Based Design 1

Are you a frequent MATLAB user whose knowledge of Simulink is limited to sldemo_househeat? Maybe you're looking to join the Hyperloop project? Or you just want to use Simulink more, but don't quite... read more >>

A few thoughts on Naming Conventions 2

The other day, I was teaching a lab for recently hired at MathWorks. In that lab, I ask attendees to program LEGO MINDSTORMS robots using Simulink. One of the things I see in this lab is that people... read more >>

Managing Conflicts in Simulink Projects 1

Merging Simulink model changes from two users

This week we are welcoming guest blogger Tim Hosey from the Simulink Project development team. Introduction In this blog post I will highlight how Simulink Project can be used to manage... read more >>

The Hyperloop Journey – Year 1

In honor of the first anniversary of Elon Musk's announcement, this week, Matt Brauer takes a look back at the evolution of our discussions on the Hyperloop transportation concept. To keep it... read more >>

What can Simulink Code Inspector do for you? 4

Some time ago I was having a discussion with my colleague Sarah Dagen, from our Consulting Services, and she began explaining Simulink Code Inspector™ to me. I immediately stopped her and said:... read more >>

What about a Resettable Subsystem? 8

In various applications I work on, I often end up needing to reset the states of multiple blocks at the same time. Some blocks like Integrator and Delay have reset ports which I can use for this purpose. However other blocks like State-Space, Transfer Function or Unit Delay do not.... read more >>

Banking on the Hyperloop 1

This week, Matt Brauer is back to improve his three-dimensional analysis of the hyperloop transportation concept to include banking of the vehicle within the tube.... read more >>

Social Collaboration: Using Git for Model-Based Design 3

This week, Matt Brauer is back to talk about Git Integration in Simulink Projects, and how he used it to share his Hyperloop simulation on GitHub.

...

How Mature is your Model-Based Design Deployment? 4

Last week I took part in a presentation about the Model-Based Design Process Assessment™ offered by the MathWorks Consulting Services. I was impressed to see how deep this assessment goes to... read more >>

Posts 21 - 30 of 66