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Tips and tricks when using the sim command 5

Today, I want to share a few tips and tricks about when and how to use the sim command. The sim command vs. The Play Button As you all know, there are two ways to simulate a model: using the... read more >>

Why you should never break a continuous algebraic loop with a Memory block 21

I have seen many users run into trouble when resolving an algebraic loop, so this week I want to explain why you should never break a continuous algebraic loop with a Memory block. The... read more >>

Speeding up Initialization for Accelerator Mode 6

Some time ago, I wrote a post about Getting the most out of Rapid Accelerator mode. That post describes how to use the RapidAcceleratorUpToDateCheck = 'off' option to skip the initialization... read more >>

Getting the most out of Rapid Accelerator mode 4

When working with Simulink, it's important to configure your model and workflows to be as efficient as possible for the task you are working on. Today I will show how to setup a model to get the... read more >>

Running Model Advisor Checks in the Background

If you are a user of the Model Advisor and have a license for the Parallel Computing Toolbox, you probably noticed a new icon in R2014a: Run checks in background... read more >>

slLinearizer: Batch Linearization of Simulink Models

This week I am happy to welcome guest bloggers Charu Fadnavis and Erman Korkut to introduce the new slLinearizer interface from Simulink Control Design. linearize vs. slLinearizer If you... read more >>

Zero-Crossing Detection… what are your options? 8

When using Simulink variable-step solvers, zero-crossing detection is very useful to capture events accurately. However for some equations, configuring zero-crossing detection can be... read more >>

Automatically Improving Model Performance

Since I joined the technical support department at MathWorks, one of the questions I received the most often is: Can you make my model go faster? Over the years I gained experience with model... read more >>

THE Most Useful Command for Debugging Variable Step Solver Performance 2

Today I want to share a trick I often use to determine if a variable step simulation runs as fast as it should. Visualizing the steps taken by a model To begin, save the simulation time data.... read more >>

5 Resources for Simulation Performance 8

Following Guy's recent post with Tips for Simulation Performance, I thought I would provide a couple links for additional resources. Here they are: The Simulink Performance Master... read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 23