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The Simulink Curling Simulator… we did it! 3

Posted by Guy Rouleau,

The Simulink Curling Simulator… we did it! After I published my post on simulating figure skating in Simulink, my colleague Corey Lagunowich and I discussed what other Olympic sports would be fun to model in Simulink. We settled on one of his favorites: curling. We got completely hooked on this challenge and before we knew it, we... read more >>

How to model a hard stop in Simulink

Posted by Guy Rouleau,

How to model a hard stop in Simulink Since R2010a, the Simulink Library includes a block named Integrator, Second Order. In my experience most people do not know about this block. Let's look at an example were the Integrator, Second Order is especially useful. The problem: Modeling a Second-Order system with saturation More often than I would like to admit, I... read more >>

Hyperloop Model Architecture: We want your feedback! 5

Posted by Guy Rouleau,

Hyperloop Model Architecture: We want your feedback! We had some fun in our last post about the Hyperloop open source transportation system, but we didn't get much into the specifics. This week we begin to move things forward. Before beginning to analyze the feasibility of individual components, we decided to think about how we would architect a Simulink... read more >>

Don’t Engineer The Hyperloop in a Vacuum 2

Posted by Guy Rouleau,

Don’t Engineer The Hyperloop in a Vacuum Since it was released in August, the Hyperloop proposal by Elon Musk generated a lot of interest. Reactions were both positive and negative. As you can imagine, it also triggered a lot of discussions at Mathworks. This week, we present you the synopsis of a discussion Seth, Matt and I recently... read more >>

From Symbolic to Simulink 1

Posted by Guy Rouleau,

From Symbolic to Simulink I am recently visited the MathWorks Japan office and learned about interesting work done by my colleague Hitoshi Takeshita. In his MATLAB Central submission Euler–Lagrange equation, Hitoshi shows how the Symbolic Math Toolbox can be used to easily obtain the equations of motion of a system by simply defining the energies... read more >>

Sum Block: Round or Rectangular? 5

Posted by Guy Rouleau,

Sum Block: Round or Rectangular? Working in technical support, I see a lot of Simulink models from users. I have realized that many users do not know how to, or do not take the time to configure the ports of the Sum block. For example, when I see things like this, it makes my eyes hurt... read more >>

Zero-Crossing Detection… what are your options? 1

Posted by Guy Rouleau,

Zero-Crossing Detection… what are your options? When using Simulink variable-step solvers, zero-crossing detection is very useful to capture events accurately. However for some equations, configuring zero-crossing detection can be challenging. Last week I received the following question and example model: In the attached model, I implemented a basic bang-bang controller for a plow. Using a Sign block, I... read more >>

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