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Simuflate: A time-based simulation of the Patriots’ footballs 12

Today I want to share a discussion I had with a few fellow guest bloggers: Corey Lagunowich, Zack Peters, Matt Brauer and Seth Popinchalk. Deflate-gate Corey: Hey guys, did you hear about the... read more >>

Simulink Functions hit the big time 2

The release of R2014b brought a time-honored Stateflow feature up to the model level: Simulink Functions. These blocks, analogous to stand-alone MATLAB functions, promote modularity and reuse by... read more >>

Plant Identification Using the PID Tuner (Part Deux) 3

In a previous post, we highlighted how the system identification capability of the PID Tuner app can help identifying an experimental plant. Today we see another very useful application: Identifying a linear plant from a model that does not linearize.... read more >>

Plant Identification Using the PID Tuner

In R2014a, system identification capabilities have been added to the PID Tuner app to create a plant model, allowing you to do the plant identification and controller tuning all in one app.... read more >>

Optimizing the Hyperloop Trajectory 2

We previously published two-dimensional analysis for deriving a route for the hyperloop based on lateral acceleration limits. This time I looked at the other dimension of the problem: Elevation. This will complete the input data needed to fully simulate the Hyperloop.... read more >>

The Simulink Curling Simulator… we did it! 3

After I published my post on simulating figure skating in Simulink, my colleague Corey Lagunowich and I discussed what other Olympic sports would be fun to model in Simulink. We settled on one of... read more >>

How to model a hard stop in Simulink 3

Since R2010a, the Simulink Library includes a block named Integrator, Second Order. In my experience most people do not know about this block. Let's look at an example were the Integrator,... read more >>

Hyperloop Model Architecture: We want your feedback! 5

We had some fun in our last post about the Hyperloop open source transportation system, but we didn't get much into the specifics. This week we begin to move things forward. Before beginning to... read more >>

Don’t Engineer The Hyperloop in a Vacuum 2

Since it was released in August, the Hyperloop proposal by Elon Musk generated a lot of interest. Reactions were both positive and negative. As you can imagine, it also triggered a lot of discussions... read more >>

From Symbolic to Simulink 3

I am recently visited the MathWorks Japan office and learned about interesting work done by my colleague Hitoshi Takeshita. In his MATLAB Central submission Euler–Lagrange equation, Hitoshi... read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 52