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Resizing blocks in R2012b

This week I want to share two new ways of resizing blocks in R2012b. Those might seem very minor, but I think they can be very useful.

Keeping Ratio

If you hold the Shift key while resizing a block, this will force it to keep its width versus height ratio.

Resizing a block and keeping its ratio

Resizing around the center

If you hold the Ctrl key while resizing a block, it will resize around its center. Before this feature, I always ended up resizing a block and then moving it to recenter it!

Resizing a block and keeping its ratio


Did you notice that this week I made my screen captures using Linux? In case you did not notice, I wanted to highlight that since R2012b, Simulink now looks the same in all supported operating systems.

Now it's your turn!

Let us know what you think about those new resizing options by leaving a comment here.

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