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Signals vs Parameters in Simulink… and the Parameter Writer block 8

A colleague recently told me that he was often referring users to this blog post I wrote many years ago: How Do I Change a Block Parameter Based on the Output of Another Block?Even if most of what I... read more >>

Defining Model Interfaces Using Bus Element Ports 3

Today I want to talk about Bus Element Ports. More specifically, I will share examples illustrating how Bus Element Ports can simplify the process of specifying the properties of bus signals entering... read more >>

Loading Signals in Timetable Format

Today I decided to revisit a topic I covered a few years ago: loading discrete signals in a simulation.
Let's see what has been added in the last few years to help with the potential problems you... read more >>

Importing Data From Excel 10

Today I want to share a useful tip for importing signals from Excel into a simulation.
From Spreadsheet block
In case you were not aware, since R2015b, Simulink has offered the From Spreadsheet... read more >>

Optimizing Data Types with the Fixed-Point Tool 2

Have you ever had one of those days... ?

The Explanation
When I see things like that, my first reflex is usually to turn on most of the items in the Display menu. In this case, displaying the port... read more >>

Simulation Data Inspector in R2018a 3

Over the past few releases, many enhancements have been added to the Simulation Data Inspector. Let's look at a few of those I particularly like.
Browse Mode
By default, in the Simulation Data...

What’s New in R2015b – Part 3 1

In R2015b, lots of enhancements related to buses have been implemented. Let's give a look. Port Value Labels for buses When debugging models, I sometimes like to use the Port Values Display. I... read more >>

Displaying Simulation Data

This week, I am working on a project with MathWorks consulting where I have been asked to implement in Simulink a simulator already existing in a different language. As you can imagine, to debug... read more >>

Explore your Models Easily with the Interface View 6

Today I want to introduce a new way to navigate models. This feature is available starting in R2014b: The interface display Enabling Interface Display In R2014b, you will notice a new entry at... read more >>

How do you hold the value of a signal? 23

Yesterday, I was giving a training to new hires at MathWorks and one of the attendees asked me how to hold a value in Simulink. Of course, my answer was that there are many ways to hold a value... read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 55