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How do I test for NaN in Simulink R2009b? (NEW!) 2

Back in February 2009 I posted about how to test for NaN in Simulink.  The approach I talked about was more of a logical experiment based on the special properties of NaN than an ideal software solution.  In Simulink R2009b the Relational Operator block got an upgrade to include isNaN.  Let’s see how it... read more >>

New Stuff – Simulink R2009b 9

Last week the MathWorks released the R2009b family of
products.  There are many new capabilities in the latest release and with this
blog post, I want to highlight a some of the features in Simulink I’m really
excited about.  While you read this, start installing the latest products from
downloads area (login and...

Sneak Peek At The Next Release! 1

Many people talk about the anticipation of the next iPhone, Kindle or some must-have techno gadget. I am looking forward to the next release of MATLAB. I downloaded the prerelease last week and now I am evaluating the new Simulink modeling features.... read more >>

S-functions, Bus Signals, and Missing Documentation 24

This almost never happens, but today I get to share with you an undocumented Simulink capability! In R2009a the S-function builder has the ability to accept bus signals at its input and output ports.  We accidentally omitted the updated doc section when R2009a shipped.  You can find the missing documentation here, but I still... read more >>